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Follow the steps below to ensure a smooth claim process. If you have questions which cannot be found in our FAQ, drop us an email at

Before you submit your claim

At The Scene of Accident (Third Party Claim)

1. Note details of third party and extent of damage/injuries to third party. Take pictures of damages/ lane markings only after ensuring that both parties have no injuries and when it is safe to do so.

2. Report to police immediately only for the following:

- Injury Case

- Non-Injury Case

- Involving government vehicle or property

- Involving foreign vehicle

- Involving pedestrian or cyclist

3. Notify us by calling our hotline @ +65 8666 7775 and complete GIA Non-Injury Motor Accident Report Form.

4. Refrain from admitting or making offer to third party

5. Forward all correspondences from third party to us and we will pass third party correspondences to your insurer for attention.

6. Insurer will communicate with third party directly.

At The Scene of Accident (Own Damage Claim)

1. Report to police immediately only for the following:

1. Injury Case

2. Non-Injury Case

1. Involving government vehicle or property

2. Involving foreign vehicle

3. Involving pedestrian or cyclist

2. Notify us by calling our hotline @ +65 8666 7775 and complete GIA Non-Injury Motor Accident Report Form.

3. Obtain repair quotation from your preferred workshop but DO NOT proceed with repairs.

4. Submit completed GIA Non-injury Motor Accident Report Form and Repair Quotation.

5. Your insurer will arrange a damage survey and authorize the repair.

6. Sign satisfactory note if repair is satisfactory.

7. Settle the policy excess with workshop upon collection of vehicle.

8. Your Insurer will settle the balance of the repair cost to the workshop.

How To Submit

Visit our office at 5 Soon Lee Street, Pioneer Point #01-60 Singapore 627607. 

Please bring along the following documents 





Frequently Asked Questions

What are the required materials needed during Accident Reporting?

  • 1. Identification Card
  • 2. Driving License
  • 3. Certificate of Insurance
  • 4. Police Report (if applicable)
  • 5. Company Stamp (if the vehicle is registered under the company)
  • 6. Photos & Videos of captured during the accident
  • 7. Please drive the accident vehicle to do reporting
Important * Do note that only the driver involved in the accident can do the reporting.
Do I need to make a police report if I got into an accident?

You will have to make a police report only if it involves in one of these:

  • 1. Injuries
  • 2. Government Vehicle / Property (Lamp Post, Kerb, etc.)
  • 3. Foreign Vehicle
  • 4. Hit & Run
Will you help us with the claim?

Yes, we can assist on both Own Damage & Third Party claim.

How much is the excess if I’m doing Own Damage Claim?

It will vary according to the individual policy. The excess amount is reflected in the Certificate of Insurance under Section I of Excess.

How long does it take to complete a report?

It will take about 10 – 20 minutes.

Will you help with following up the claim?

Yes, we will follow up with the Insurer for both Own Damage & Third Party Claims.

How long will the repair work take place?

From the day of submission of report, the survey will take from 1 -3 working days to be arranged. Thereafter, the surveyor will give approval for repair to commence. Depending on the severity of the damage, the actual repair might take 1 – 7 days.

The surveyor then would have to do after-repair survey.

Waiting for survey: 1- 3 working days

Actual repair work: 1-7 working days

After repair survey: 1 working days

As we are well-versed in doing claims, we will ensure that there is no lag time in between the entire process.

Is the claim 100% payable?

The liability will subject to the surveyor’s investigation. 

What if the claim is not payable?

If the claim is not payable, you will have to pay at your own cost.

Will it affect my premium next year?

By doing an Own Damage Claim, your premium will be affected next year but for Third Party Claim, your premium will not be affected.

However, your agent will be the best person to advise any other better alternatives for the next year renewal.

Can I change parts/services that is not accident related?

Yes, but you will have to pay at your own cost. However, we will replace the parts you requested during the repair work for the accident parts. This is to ensure we return your car to you in the best possible condition in the shortest time possible.