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With more than ten years of experience as an automobile body repair specialist, Cheng Auto is renowned among insurers as a trusted provider of body damage repairs using safe and cost-effective methods. Our combination of in-house repair facilities, quality tools and a dedicated team of professional technicians and mechanics allows us to keep costs for both the insurer and motorist to a minimum, while ensuring that there is no unnecessary waste of functional components.


Competitive Edge

Our in-house repair facilities allows us to carry out custom building and repairs of parts, in particular, brand-new chassis jigs, which are built to order according to the specifications required. Made out of thicker steel, the jig is especially suited for heavy-duty applications including vehicles with a heavy chassis or those involving damage repair procedures. Thanks to the added strength of the jig, repair jobs can be performed to higher standards and lasting results. Cheng Auto also boasts a ready stock of a full suite of tools for resin-based windscreen repairs and replacements. We are also equipped with a complete set of Blackhawk tools, which are specifically ordered to meet insurer requirements and to handle a wide range of jobs, as well as a full set of welding equipment.


Working Smart

Besides the ubiquitous OBD-II diagnostic and scanning tool, which is compatible with most vehicles, Cheng Auto also uses Fleetnetics, which comprises a full suite of customer profiling, job management and parts inventory software. This enables us to effectively manage job workflows, keep track of inventory, and in turn, boost our efficiency while keeping downtime as low as possible.


Customer Service Excellence

We have a dedicated team of professionally trained mechanics and floor managers who are highly experienced and committed to providing quality services to all customers in a timely and efficient manner. In addition, our customer service counter is manned by 3 service executives at any one time to ensure that all customers may be served quickly. Customers are also offered access to our waiting lounge, where there is a games console, refreshment area and wifi access, to help them relax in comfort.