Cheng Auto utilises the latest technology in window repair systems, with technologically advanced formulated resin that boasts results that are undetectable by the naked eye. Window repairs look as good as new and can be completed within 30 minutes with lifetime warranty.

1. Inspect cracking

2. Drill hole provide channel for vacuum and injection

3. Deploy injector and resin

4. Vacuum out the trapped air

5. Inject resin to fill the crack fully

6. Once fully filled, remove injector

7. Curl resin under UV light

8. Level excess resin


Our Windscreen Replacement procedure is recommended by car manufacturers and meet the standards and quality benchmarks of the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard. Using the highest quality sealant specially for aftermarket windscreen replacements, the replacement process takes up to 40 minutes, with an additional 30 minute curing time for single air-bag models or 2 hour curing time for dual air-bag models.

The entire procedure therefore takes between 1 to 3 hours, by appointment.